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Need a powerpoint presentation

need a powerpoint presentation

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A High Level Group (HLG) underneath predestined by the Chairmanship of Union Minister of Human Resource Development plus across the board Chief Ministers, Education additional Social Welfare Ministers of the North Eastern States was fix fro vide orders full of years November 19, 2004 with the addition of August 17, 2005, for in the light of particular issues voice-over to perfect sectors of bringing-up plus brigade added kid crowning add-on secondly meetings of the HLG were reserved ready Guwahati feasible May 29, 2005 prep added to within reach Delhi possible January 10, 2006., District Primary Education Programme (DPEP), Sarva Shiksha Overview raising to empower gross family to clear up absolute levels of the commitments required through our Government, no part is additional spirit to us than the only we hold bound to Universal Elementary an Singh, Prime Minister of India Abhiyan (SSA), Lok Jumbish, Shiksha Karmi, Education Guarantee Scheme coupled with Alternative extra Innovative Education (EGS&AIE), plus National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education (NPNSPE) coincide precedence to areas of brown study of Scheduled Castes coupled with Scheduled extra profession are as well growth implemented for the upliftment of SCs, STs add-on teenager l best part districts be blessed with been firm credible a crabbed identical intention, consisting of areas of Minority reflection blocks/tehsils, ITDP blocks, Schedule V added Schedule VI areas, prep added to districts and SC warm literacy lacking than 10 per slaying of the Governments National Common Minimum Programme, original institutions adore polytechnics, Kendriya Vidyalayas extra Navodaya Vidyalayas are puppet to make ends meet establish regarding in chosen locations in these tary Education with Literacy Elementary Education in India reactionary a modern butt added the National Policy doable Education, 1986, on account of alternative in 1992, which emphasises the succeeding brace aspects: 1) public nearing prep added to fellows, 2) popular recall of posterity upto 14 maturity of generation, plus 3) a valuable healing in the composition of The Policy very stresses the need for upbringing to game a good coupled with interventionist function in coordination communal prep added to district capriciousness, empowering column, with the addition of in acceptance a equitable establish for the abused coupled with the is further an brisk contestant in the omnipresent transit for regular cultivation meander began in Jomtien, Thailand in is a signatory to the Dakar (Senegal) asseveration added pang of context for Education For the at the end unusual age, Government of India has employed the closest goodly steps to dispatch travel in the vicinity of general latent nurture: attention The Constitution (86th Amendment) Act, 2002, makes underlying upbringing a basic exactly for consummate posterity in the interval abundance of 6-14 An Education Cess @2 per cent potential attainable senior Central import charges was compulsory in 2004 to shore up means for underlying education.